Untitled Rambling May 31st

Feeling defeated and alone, maybe thinking that writing it down can help it go away My mom told me last week, “If you’re feeling down, just try and watch your favorite thing on YouTube, or watch a funny show to make you feel better, okay?” Sometimes this is sound advice, especially when you spend many… Continue reading Untitled Rambling May 31st


What breathes life into you? Mine is: My son’s two tooth grin The rustling of sheets when he’s crawling towards me to wake me up The bing of a text message back when you have found another layer beneath rock bottom Words coming together when you have misplaced yourself in the pile of dirty laundry… Continue reading elixir

The day you were born.

It's going to be hard to write this without letting tears fall to my keyboard, but the happiest tears. The kind that bursts from a place of overwhelming love and gratitude, my heart so full that it overflows like steady streams outta my tear ducts. I've waited for this day for what had felt like… Continue reading The day you were born.

For the Nurses Whose Shifts Have Long Ended and Still Haven’t Gotten a “Thank you,” – I Thank You.

Today, I write this post incredibly inspired by the nurses I've had the pleasure of working with, speaking to, and have known. This year, I will be hitting my third year as a registered nurse with most of my experience in the Medical/Surgical department and most recently, Orthopedics. This week is Nurse's Week, and it's allowed… Continue reading For the Nurses Whose Shifts Have Long Ended and Still Haven’t Gotten a “Thank you,” – I Thank You.