How the people we’ve lost still move through us.

My Lolo died when I was three. If anyone ever asked me if it were possible to love someone without really knowing them, I would nod my head fervently because this is how I felt about him. The only memories I have with my Lolo are just from the old home videos I've seen of… Continue reading How the people we’ve lost still move through us.

My first Mother’s Day

I feel so lucky for the life that I have. I woke up to Jayden crawling towards me with a big smile on his face. I slept on the floor of his room and opened my teary eyes distraught from the night before. I had a rough and emotional day the day before Mother's day,… Continue reading My first Mother’s Day

Finding My Place in Motherhood

Writing this at 1am. Baby is sleeping soundly in his crib to the sounds of ocean waves on the speaker. I wish I could have written a post like this sooner but between finding a moment to rest my eyes and comforting baby close to me, there has really been little time to dedicate myself… Continue reading Finding My Place in Motherhood