Hello, I'm Cynthia. 

Hello, I’m Cynthia. 

Soft Speak originated on Tumblr in 2008. This blog has taken different names and homes over the years until finally settling here where my thoughts can continue to find its way to wandering hearts and eyes. I’m a twenty-something registered nurse with a knack for recollecting, story-telling, word-vomiting, and photo-taking. Here you’ll find my travels, food endeavors, written pieces, my experiences through motherhood, and a girl still just trying to find her voice.

Hobbies include: making myself believe I am good at yoga, writing poems, cooking, crying at weddings, and saying hello to all dogs that cross my path. Boba milk tea dependent. Introverted at the core. Wife & mama. Endlessly fascinated by the world around me. Here is my lil space of life. 

For inquiries, contact me at cynthia.javier@icloud.com 

All photos, musings, and words on this site were taken and written by Cynthia Javier unless otherwise stated.