Meet The Wengderfuls / Oct 21, 2018

My family and I had the pleasure of attending my cousin’s beautiful wedding this weekend. The weather was perfect, the lighting was that ideal dusky blue as the sun was setting behind the mountains. Open bar, donut bar, BOBA BAR!!! It was truly magical. And I loved being able to see all of my family from California and other states, it was fun to see all of us together in one place again. I’ve never been to a rooftop wedding before and it was so sweet and picturesque. I’ve created this post to share the photos I took on Karen and Rowell’s special day. Welcome to the family, Karen! You are such a beautiful, elegant bride. Also, sorry to those I didn’t get to take photos of. Between flailing over Brew Tea being there and being on the dance floor, it slipped my mind to try and get photos with everyone. Next event, feel free to grab me and I’ll be happy to take as many snapshots of you :~) I love being able to capture these moments.

Congratulations again to the Newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez! I hope you have a lifetime of infinite love and happiness. Thank you again for inviting us and throwing such a fun and beautiful wedding we will all remember.

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