RiSE Lantern Festival in Jean, Nevada

Hi everyone, it’s been awhile since my squishy, mildly arthritic fingers have touched this keyboard to write a new blog post for you all. Since I’ve last been here, a lot has changed, and a lot of me has changed with all of that change, but I think in a good way. I’ll have to write a separate post talking about my 3 month cleanse from all social media and why I did that. But I mean, it seems kinda counterintuitive seeing that.. I’m back.. on social media, BUT! With new perspective. I guess. Anyway, I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you, my readers. And I wanted to share a post from this past weekend at one of my most cherished events that I’ve been going to for the last four years (wow, wow): RiSE Festival. It seems a little excessive right.. four years? To see the same thing? Don’t you get tired of it, Cynthia? And to that I ask to you: do you ever get tired of seeing that scene in Tangled where Rapunzel finally gets to see the floating lanterns she’s been waiting her whole life for, and Mandy Moore begins to sing and it’s just one of the most wonderful, cinematic experiences to come out of a Disney animation???? Yeah. I thought so.

But really, ever since Jay and I have been together, we’ve just decided to make it our tradition every year to go. It’s such a beautiful way to wrap up the year and reflect on everything that has happened, both good and bad, and I always feel so uplifted and renewed being surrounded by all of these people just being human. It’s incredibly cathartic for me to write out dedications to the people I love, the people I’ve lost, and also.. dedications to myself. I’m also always happy to share each RiSE with new people, especially when it’s their first time and I get to experience that moment with them, too.

So yes, if RiSE is happening in your area, or somewhere near your area, I highly recommend it if you haven’t experienced it yet. I recommend signing up on their mailing list so you get first dibs on pre-sale tickets when they announce it. Their website can be found here.

 Just thought y’all wanted to see this view of my nostril holes. v sexi

Just thought y’all wanted to see this view of my nostril holes. v sexi

 pls note here the subtle cheek glitter. (hashtag NYX cosmetics, hashtag sponsor me @NYX)

pls note here the subtle cheek glitter. (hashtag NYX cosmetics, hashtag sponsor me @NYX)

A Sad Ending

The sun was set. The band was covering “Yellow” by Coldplay. The person I love was holding me close as I digest a giant corndog. And even though the ominous lightening striking every few minutes in the distance was a stunning sight, unfortunately for us being in a large open area is a no bueno for such lightening, and the actual lantern launching was cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions. So. Disappointing. I’m glad we were all at least able to get there early enough to take some daytime pictures at the event, but my heart definitely sank knowing that I wouldn’t be able to witness the Mojave’s night sky light up again with thousands of lanterns like it were our own personal, fleeting galaxy. RiSE makes me cry every year and I even had tissues ready in my bag for all of this year’s sniffles and tears. This year was going to mean a lot to me, letting go of all of the worries and pains that happened since the year started. RiSE has always felt like that needed moment in time where I could hit “restart” or “refresh” and just be reminded that even though I could be going through a rough patch in my life, I’m alive. I’m aLIVE. And I’m here to witness something really beautiful. But y’know… at least a 40% off discount for next year’s festival makes up for all of that I guess… -_-. Anyway. Since we didn’t get to launch our lanterns, I thought I’d share last year’s Rise Festival from 2017 for those that have never seen what it looks like. Pictures never do it justice though. It’s truly one of the most magnificent/magical sights you could ever experience. It’s something you really have to see and feel in person. There is just this collective sense of wonder that sets in as the lanterns find its way toward the dark sky and everyone begins to realize they’re being completely surrounded by a moving wave of warm, luminous light. Ugh. All the feelies! All the emotions. I’ll never forget the first time I got to experience that, it’s like there’s a trigger in my body specifically meant for these unexplainably beautiful sights that make you cry instantly, and your body produces this sound that’s in between a gasp and a cry and I honestly couldn’t even control it the moment I looked around and it was just lantern upon lantern rising all at once, people cheering, people crying, people with their hands over their mouths overwhelmed with emotion. Because no matter what we experience, and no matter where we come from, we are all humans on this Earth trying to get through this life, trying to seek the beauty and meaning in the mundane, the grief, the sadness, or those special moments of actually feeling like things are falling into place. And we celebrate. Really, try and see it, or something like it. It would make even the most unemotional, untouched, grumpy person weep at the sight. I weep. I weep so hard. But I generally am a weep-y person.

So, the founders of the event asked everyone to leave. We sat in traffic for almost an hour and a half (what a nightmare) as the rain poured and decided to head to Curry Zen to eat our feelings in spicy, Japanese, tofu katsu goodness.

Until next year.

Photos from last year’s RiSE Festival, October 2017.

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