February Vibes.

I’m writing an end of February post two weeks into March which says a lot about my work ethic when it comes to the creative process. I’m a procrastinator when it comes to these things, even when I tell myself that I will write a post each week even if I have to chain myself to a chair until I hit “post” or set weekly reminders to myself saying, “Hey.. remember that thing you started, that you said you would keep doing, and told everyone you would keep doing? You should do it.” But of course, it didn’t happen. But let’s not hash out my flaws. We’re here to reminisce.

I wanted to give February a warm, but persistent hug goodbye. The kind of goodbye where you appreciate the time you’ve spent with it, but you’re also really grateful for it to be over. I’m learning that I am at an age where I still want to have the fun of my twenty-somethings, but also sleep at a reasonable time and wake up without a mourning sense of self loathe. It’s a balance of spontaneity and responsibility that I am actively learning how to do, and I think I’m getting there. In February, I bought the Headspace meditation app because I was really struggling with finding peace within myself. I highly recommend it, or any form of guided meditation. I look at February as the night I cried with Jay because even though I was getting better at actively finding ways to make life better, to be able to see myself in the mirror and really see myself in all of it’s light and beauty and potential, the dark residue of last year’s insecurities were still stained on the parts of my body I didn’t want to look at, the parts that I’ve somehow convinced myself aren’t worthy to be loved or seen, and that’s a hard thing to overcome in a short time. But I’m getting there. Really.

This post is pretty short compared to my travel ones, but I whole-heartedly believe it’s just as important to document and appreciate the small moments. The ones that get overlooked but are sometimes the greatest reminders of why it’s so beautiful to be alive. I feel that in order to move through this life, it’s kind of crucial to our well-being and to our sanity to be able to find gratitude wherever we are. Otherwise, we’d just be aimlessly wandering through life seeking these temporary feelings of happiness in our next vacation, or the next city we live in, or the next relationship we’ll be in, not realizing that we can find contentment right where we are. Right at this moment.

Wew. ^ Deep stuff.  The following are just all of the photos I happened to take last month which includes my birthday and some good ole’ blurry Downtown Vegas outings. Also pretty HQ pictures of food.

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